Soul Transition



During the course of our lives there is a time when each one of us ceases to be on the earth and our spirit moves on to our real  home. In this passage, which Mary Ellen Calls the “The Art of Dying Well”, the soul in transition is guided by unseen hands and gently taken to a resting place of much beauty and light. 

When the call comes, the soul unconsciously begins the process of tying up its worldly affairs, sending out messages to its nearest  and dearest to say a fond farewell. If there are any memories of sorrows or past hurts, the transitioning one will be anxious to ask for forgiveness. These are momentous times for the passing soul.  Its spiritual eyes are opening.

During this transition, which may take weeks or months, it experiences periods of departure to the other world where it sizes up the situation and prepares itself for reentry. It encounters angelic beings and relatives or friends who have already passed on; they are coming in to welcome the transitioning soul home. Sometimes there are many souls coming in to assure the soul that the other side is a place of beauty and light.

At times, the transitioning person may appear to be having waking dreams or heated discussions with others who are invisible to bystanders. The dying person’s loved ones may feel helpless as the transitioning one argues or shouts about these old memories with an unseen spirit -- or the person may laugh with joy at the memory of a family scene with another deceased relative. These are memories, memories bubbling up to the surface, some to be healed, others to be savored.

Mary Ellen works privately with individuals and families who have a loved one about to make this transition.  She assists the soul to make this momentous passage. Because healing relationship conflicts and completing unfinished business ease the soul's transition, Mary Ellen encourages gatherings of friends and family. Family members are instructed in the process and encouraged to listen, touch, love and accept the transition of the soul.

When the loved ones understand this transition, a beautiful space is created for the soul to be released. She helps them to understand and accept the impending departure from this earth plane. Mary Ellen comforts the family, assuring them that this momentous journey is the most beautiful one their loved one will take, regardless of the circumstances of the departure.

For a month or more after the soul has transitioned, it can make contact with its loved ones on the earth plane. Sometimes a grieving family member will smell a favorite perfume, or experience other signs of the departed soul. It is comforting to the family to know that their loved one can get through to them, especially during prayer and meditation.

Mary Ellen assists souls with this passage and, at the request of the family, she will visit the inner planes to make contact with the deceased's soul.  If there is a lot of confusion or pain on the part of the departed one, she will assist them with moving on to their rightful home in the Light. She then will report her findings back to the family. It is of great consolation for them to know that their loved one is, at last, in a place of peace and beauty.

Mary Ellen can be contacted at 856-854-0815, or email: for assistance. Mary Ellen asks only that a love donation for the consultations be considered so she may continue to offer these services to others.


 In addition to her private consultations with individuals and families, Mary Ellen also gives a public talk on how to assist loved ones through the process of dying. Mary Ellen will discuss her experiences with souls who have moved on, how she has assisted in that process and what the soul will experience in this transition. She will also touch upon ‘stuck’ souls and souls who carry with them unresolved pain.  Come, find out what is on the other side and how to help your loved ones move on with love, peace and joy.  Click here for the date and location of Mary Ellen’s next presentation of The Journey Home.


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